Popnology at the Museum of Science

The newest temporary exhibit at the Museum of Science, Popnology, is really fun and hands on for all ages.  We learned so much, had so much fun and even caught up on a little 1980s history!


Right when you enter, there is a robot that welcomes you.  My kids were fascinated by it and stood watching it for awhile before I was able to move them onto the rest of the exhibit.


My son is obsessed with City Blocks and there was a huge city intricately built from them in one corner.  He was very inspired and started to build one on his own before deciding he would have more time at home to create an underwater city.


Both of my kids enjoyed controlling a robot to roll a ball or pick up blocks.  They spent a long time figuring out how to control the robotic arms.  


The car built from a 3D printer was amazing!  You have to see it up close to believe it.


My favorite part of the exhibit was narration of a day in 1983.  I got a huge kick out of listening to what life was like when I was a little kid.  It was fun to show my kids some of the things we had in my house as well as tell them stories about how different life was without an iPhone in my back pocket. 


There were so many fun games to play including Donkey Kong and a floor game where you tried to manipulate the flowers that were moving around.  We've been so into E.T. lately and there was a replica of his invention of a phone to call home.  It was so interesting to see up close all of the different household items he used!