Getaway to Shelburne Farms

Since my kids were little, they've adored farms.  My daughter read Charlotte's Web a few years ago and my son read it earlier this summer.  He hasn't stopped talking about it so, following his lead, we took a summer weekend and spent part of it at Shelburne Farms in Vermont.  After parking at the farm store, we choose to walk to the farm, but there is also a tractor pulled wagon to ride.  The walk was so picturesque and the farm is gorgeous.  


Each day the farm posts a list of activities that kids can do in the children's farmyard.  We were there for a couple of hours and were able to do three of them as well as wander and check out a few animals on our own.


We arrived just in time to learn about and milk the cow.  The staff at the farm were all so patient and helpful.  There is always something new learn on a farm.


After a quick lesson on how to milk a cow, each child got to take a turn doing it.  The farmer told us that the milk would go to the baby cows (who were next to this bigger cow) and the leftovers would go to the pigs who we visited later.


There were goats all over the farm and they were so loud!  We couldn't resist petting one.


There were also chickens all over the farm and they sometimes laid an egg in a random spot in the grass.  It was fun to hunt around for the eggs and weigh each one.


The kids also were able to pick eggs from the hen house.  After collecting two buckets, they washed, dried and packaged them for the farm store.  Eggs that accidentally broke were given to the pigs.


We learned that when a hen lays an egg, it has a protective coating around it that keeps it fresh without refrigeration for two weeks.  Once the egg is washed, which removes the coating, it needs to be refrigerated or it spoils quickly.

The kids that were visiting the farm that day all worked as a team to get the egg washing done.


After collecting eggs, we had to round up the chickens.  They are so quick and hard to catch, but once you get one, they relax in your arms and let you pet them. 


There were so many other animals on the farm including a draft horse, pigs and lots of sheep.


We couldn't resist getting a snack at the lovely little farm cart.  Their food was delicious.  We tried the sunbutter and wild berry sandwich, the hummus and veggie sandwich and the veggie and bean chili.


The ingredients were so fresh which made the food so tasty that we highly recommend going to the farm hungry.


Shelburne Farms is a beautiful place to spend a few hours!


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