Getaway to Manchester-by-the-Sea

Manchester is a great place to spend a summer day.  It has a beautiful beach as well as an adorable little town.  We got up early, grabbed iced coffees, milk and muffins and were at the beach in no time.  If you don't feel like packing lunch, there is a cute little snack bar to purchase food. And, they have a bathhouse to rinse all that sand off when you are ready to explore the town.


My kids spend hours digging and playing.  The beach never seems to get too crowded, even during high tide, so there's always room to toss a ball or dig a moat.


We ran into so many people we knew while we were at the beach.  It seems to be the beach of choice for many Bostonians.


The ice cream shop is between the beach and the town and it's hard not to stop.  We all got kiddie sized cones which were much larger than we had anticipated!  There is a playground across the street to burn energy after a sweet treat.


I have a soft spot for old bookstores.  There are always fun finds for myself and my kids and the prices are great.  We walk away with a stack of books for a fraction of what it would cost to buy them new.  After we read them, we give them away to friends or donate them to our local library.


After a hot day on the beach, it's great to be indoors looking at books for awhile.


While we were wandering around town we passed the Manchester Historical Museum .  A docent was outside and invited us in for a quick tour.  It was the cutest little place and we learned a lot about the town and the beach.  There is even an old bath house in the backyard of the museum that they have preserved.


And, if you go, listen for the sand to sing while you walk on it!

Looking for books about the beach?  No Time For Flash Cards, one of our favorite blogs, has put together a great list that we just had to share. 

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