Matisse at the MFA

We have read "When Pigasso met Mootise" so many times that when the MFA decided to feature Matisse, we had to check it out.  We popped into the museum after camp this week and were so glad we did.  The exhibit is really interesting for kids because it highlights a lot of particular objects that he loved to paint.  The cool part is that the museum has a lot of these objects on display right near the paintings.  


The figure displayed in the case is also in the painting right next to it.  This figure is from the Congo and almost looks like a toy.  We loved it's expression and it's intricately carved little toes!  


The tapestry from Egypt is used in the painting next to it.  A lot of tapestries are hanging around the exhibit and it's fun to see which painting features which tapestry.  Sometimes he changed the color and sometimes he only used a small portion of the tapestry or changed the size of it.  It was a bit like a scavenger hunt to find the corresponding paintings.


Matisse used this piece with calligraphy as an inspiration for many of his drawings.  It seemed that around every corner we turned in the exhibition he took us to different a country.  We had rented headphones and so were listening to the curators speak about a few of the pieces.  At the end of the audio tour one of the curators said that although Matisse was a French painter, he was a citizen of the world.  What a refreshing concept that is so very relevant today.  I wish I could thank him for setting such a wonderful example for my children!


Matisse's cutouts are always a favorite of ours we admired them for a bit at the end.  The exhibit ends on July 9th and we highly recommend it!

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