A Person's a Person No Matter How Small (2)

In our first part of this post, A Person's a Person No Matter How Small, we shared lists of books to help foster kindness and empathy as well as to explain some of the current events happening around us.  The first 100 days is over and so we are looking for new ways to show our kids that they aren't powerless, but in fact very capable of creating change.  Last week we attended a youth rally at the steps of the State House.  We received an email from a friend about a group of kids organizing a rally to pass the Safe Communities Act.  We had to go and show our support as well as to witness this wonderful example of kids in action working together for the greater good.  We brought poster board and markers to the playground after school and made some signs to hold at the rally.


The kids held the signs as we walked up Beacon Street.  A few people passing by as well as a couple of cars gave us positive feedback which made the kids feel great.  

Once we got to the State House, we were greeted by other families who were so happy we were there.  They had petitions and had practiced chants that we all did together.  A few of the kids who had organized the event went into the State House to speak with our representatives.  


One of the children who organized the rally created a symbol that some of the parents were stamping on fabric.  What could be more perfect than the Statue of Liberty saying "Yay!"? Each child was given a piece of the fabric to remind him/her of the task at hand as well as the fact that kids can change the world one sweet drawing at a time.

The list of Books about Young Activists from our earlier post was particularly relevant and helpful to us this week, especially these two books: