Last Stop on Market Street

The recent events in our government have got us feeling like we need to promote kindness and acceptance in every way possible.  And, it all starts with children.  An easy way for parents and caregivers to do this is through children's books.  In our post A Person's a Person No Matter How Small, we highlighted many of these wonderful books to read to your kids to start thoughtful conversations.  We are reading these books to our own kids and will periodically let you know how we expand on them to keep conversations going and to bring these books to life.  We are always interested in what you, our readers, have read to your own kids and any ideas you have teach love, kindness, and compassion.

We recently read "Last Stop on Market Street" because my son was intrigued by the bus on the front cover.  We take a city bus to school and enjoyed finding similarities and differences between the book and our own experiences.

In the story, a little boy and his grandmother spend their Sunday at a soup kitchen.  We found a food pantry that needs our help and try to get there as much as we can.  The website Doing Good Together has a lot of ideas for family volunteer opportunities.  It also has a huge list of wonderful books that they call "Books with Big Hearts."  It's a really wonderful website with so many ways for your family to simply do good.