Chocolate Love

Happy Snow Day!!  We are in the Valentine's spirit today making valentines for friends and teachers.

Last weekend, when I asked my kids what Valentine's Day makes them think of they said "Hearts, red, pink, love and chocolate."  It just so happens that the Museum of Science (so clever of them!) has on display an awesome exhibit on chocolate.  We have explored the world of chocolate in Bringing Books to Life when we visited the Taza Factory in Somerville.  Now, we were able to learn a little about how chocolate itself is made and it's history.  


The entrance is awesome.  We felt like we were walking into a chocolate bar!  The exhibit even smells like chocolate.  

It's truly amazing how cocoa has traveled the world.  It is grown near the equator, mostly in Central America and has made it's way, over time, to every corner of the globe.  


We were able to check out some dried pods, smell roasted beans and learn how they are turned into the chocolate we eat today.


We came home and had to have cup of hot chocolate.  I put on one of our favorite scenes from I Love Lucy where she is working at a chocolate factory.  It never fails to make all of us laugh. 

And, this Saturday at the Whole Foods on Harrison Ave, there is a chocolate festival from 11am-2pm which features a chocolate tasting.  Yum!

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