Farm Stands

I am a sucker for farm stands.  Especially in the Fall, the colors along with the beautiful flowers and produce pull me in (almost) every time.  Utopia Farms in Manchester by the Sea is a favorite of my daughter's because it looks like an old school house.  They have so much to choose from in this sweet little shop.  


We live in the city so we don't have a lot of storage.  Our holiday and seasonal decorations are items I can buy and use each year.  We decorate with a lot of potted flowers, squash, pumpkins, corn and straw in the Fall.  Farm stands are the best place for finding these items and my kids love to pick out the craziest shaped squash as well as their favorite color mums and then decide where to put them in and around our house.


The people that shop and work at the farm stands we've been to are so kind and helpful.  Kids are welcome to shop around, help count out money and basically take their time.  

This gorgeous cart of pumpkins was eye catching and we easily found some keepers to take home.


Check out our earlier post about Allandale Farm and don't forget about Russell Orchard in Ipswich.

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