Cheddar Scones

Every year, I print out a resolution sheet for my children to fill out.  It's fun to see what goals are in their little minds and find out how they feel about the past year of their life.  This year, when asked what's the one thing you'd like to get better at, my daughter wrote cooking.  I can absolutely follow her lead on that goal and so we have made more time to cook together as well as more time for her to experiment independently in the kitchen.

There are so many great cookbooks for kids that both inspire and teach our children about all things in the kitchen.  My daughter especially likes "Baking with Kids" by Leah Brooks and decided to try the Spring Onion Scones all on her own.


I highly recommend that they have their very own apron.  She received this one as a gift from her cousin, whom she adores, which made it all the more special for her to wear.  We even own a chef hat that she puts on when serving her treats to the family.  Dressing up makes cooking fun!  

This is my daughter's own photo of her scones.  She was so proud of them!  Her brother loved them and kept asking for more.  Is there a better compliment?  I don't think so.

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