A Person's a Person No Matter How Small

Dr. Seuss said so much with that quote from "Horton Hears a Who!" and we've been thinking about it a lot these days.  The Women's March on Washington that morphed into marches all over the world representing kindness, compassion, and love is on our radar.  We teach our kids to be kind to others, to think before they speak, to be respectful to others, and to include everyone.  It's only fitting that we allow them to participate in this movement that represents all of these values.  When we heard about 10 Actions 100 Days, which is sponsored by the Women's March, we thought this would be the perfect place to include our children in promoting kindness, inclusion, and good.  Activism is such a positive way to teach them about our government and the ideals of our country, and to let them to know that even though they are only one, (and small!) their voice matters. In fact, they can use their voice to stand up for others, which feels more important now than ever. 

As we parents are still processing what's happening in our country, it's hard to know where to start with our children. We are taking small steps each day, often through books which can be a great spark to introduce concepts and open conversations. We are also involving them in effecting change. When horrific acts happen in children's worlds, we sometimes hear the phrase "look for the helpers." We want to do that, and we also want to BE the helpers. Here's where we've begun...

One Green Apple
By Eve Bunting
The Journey
Flying Eye Books

One Green Apple is beautiful book telling the story of a class trip to an orchard through the voice of a Muslim who has immigrated to the US. Most classmates show empathy and warmth towards her, and we as readers can feel her fears and hopes. This initiated wonderful conversations with our children. 

The Journey is a fantastic entry into understanding the refugee experience. This book is truly enlightening, heartbreaking, and again - a rich and ongoing conversation has been going for days. 

We have many, many more books on our list for our next visits to the library:

Books about the Immigrant Experience

Books with Muslim Kids as Heroes

Books for Young Activists

Books on Diversity, Inclusion, Compassion

Books about Kindness

Please share what you've read! We'd love to hear what's been helpful in your families as we band together to show our children that love and kindness will always win. 

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