Blue Hills Trailside Museum

A long weekend is the perfect time to try a new adventure.  Last year over the Columbus weekend I was searching for activities to do with my kids.  I stumbled up the Blue Hills Trailside Museum through Boston Central because they were hosting their annual Fall Festival.  While we were there we happened to catch a program on birds and my son was enamored!  


We studied feathers and wings and got to check them out under a microscope.  There are always museum guides hanging around willing to answer any questions.  It's great to sit back and watch my kids ask questions and do hands-on activities with an expert!


We also got to examine the claws of a falcon and learn about how these birds use them.  My son was eating every word up.  He was fascinated!

Lastly, as the grand finale, we were able to meet a real falcon.  It was slightly intimidating to have this bird so close to us.  My son loved that fact that it went to the bathroom right next to him (it was a highlight for him). 

After taking a few minutes to do this program, my daughter started to notice falcons flying above the Boston Public Garden.  She was easily able to identify them and had fun showing her friends.  

We didn't spend all day inside.  We were able to take a lovely hike way up to the top of the hill and check out the spectacular views of Boston.  Read more about our hike here:

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