Little Free Libraries

In our house, we love books.  We spend a lot of time in libraries (check out last week's post about the courtyard at the main branch of the BPL), bookstores and museum shops who, we find, source the most interesting selection of titles.   Recently, we've noticed a lot of Little Free Libraries popping up all around Boston.  My daughter loves to keep checking them to see what books have been added.  And, she now has started donating books that she's read.  I love that we are connected to our community through books and reading.  And, what an amazing way for children to pass on their books rather than hold onto them.


We were so intrigued by these sweet little libraries that we decided to find out more about them. They have a great website to explain what they are and where they are located. We found out that the one near our home was made of all recycled items.  Wikipedia also has a page for them with a little history and another index of locations.


On our latest trip to our Little Free Library, we found this beautiful copy of one of my favorite novels.  I know I will enjoy rereading this version much more than anything on my kindle!

Please share with us if you visit a Little Free Library and what you find!