Historic Home Tours: Longfellow House

We recently visited the Longfellow House near Harvard Square in Cambridge.  My son is enthralled with George Washington and since he stayed in the house during the Revolutionary War, we thought it might be fun to learn about his stay.  There is really no parking near the house, so we parked in Harvard Square and walked over through the beautiful neighborhood. 


The house is breathtaking from the outside and my son was eager to check it out!  And, did I mention that the tours are free?  

There are express tours which are only a half hour long.  These are great for kids because with such a short duration,  the guide needs to focus on a small aspect of the house.  Our guide asked my kids why they wanted to see the house and they replied that they were interested in the fact that George Washington stayed in the home for a few months.  We then went through learning how the house would have looked when Washington was there and some cool facts about his stay.


Even though our tour was based on George Washington, our guide had to mention the small stand-up writing the desk in the corner of this room.  It was where Longfellow wrote "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere."

The garden was a big hit with my kids who spent awhile running through the quaint pathways.  I was able to sit on a bench and relax for a bit.


The Longfellow House is open until October 30 for tours.  If you can't get there this Fall, take a tour when they reopen in the Spring.