Golfing at Granite Links

A favorite weekend spot for our family is the Granite Links driving range.  It is just a few minutes south of Boston, has ample parking and great little restaurant for an easy dinner.


We have a few small clubs for our kids that we purchased at Golfers Warehouse., of course, also has clubs for kids if you don't want to go to the store and we've listed a couple of choices on the bottom of this page.  Each child gets a bucket of balls (which they love buying from the machine).  They each get a mat and they swing away.  It's a great outdoor activity that inspires them to concentrate and focus on their task.


We feel like we are so far away from the city with the sweeping views and beautiful flowers.  


The best view is from the putting green.  Yup, that's Boston in the background. 


For dinner, you can either get a bite at the window or go to the very casual restaurant around the back.  It also has great views, simple food, is mostly outdoors and on weekends has a live acoustic music that is family friendly.  The kids can go back to the putting range while the adults eat.  When we leave, we are all fed, tired and happy.

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