Gearing up for a New Bike

She who succeeds in gaining the mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of life.
— Susan B. Anthony

Both of my kids were eager for new bikes. After watching their older friends ride "gear bikes," they began mentioning frequently that their current bikes felt too small. They are very curious how the gears work, and how it can be advantageous to shift gears. 

We've found a few opportunities to explore and play with gears, which were helpful in talking about bicycle parts and how they work.  

Yes, they got new bikes for their birthdays. We appreciated this article on tips for teaching children how to use gears; they quickly caught on. Now, they often bike to school. For ideas on biking spots in Boston, check our post here... and please share your favorite biking areas, too!

 Wooden gears at the Discovery Museum in Acton    

Wooden gears at the Discovery Museum in Acton 


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