Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum

Happy New Year!  This month we are doing a series on local museums. We hope we can inspire you to visit a new museum with your family or revisit one you've been to before to check out a new exhibit.

On a recent rainy day we decided to check out the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum.  After my son accidentally set off the alarm by opening an emergency exit door to let my husband into the museum (all part of the family fun!), we set off to explore.  We were excited to find that there were family guides for much of the art.  These guides were wonderful for my daughter to read and wander a little more independently, but also fun for my husband and I to engage with our son, who is younger, and learn about the art together.


Near the entrance to the museum is the Living Room.  My kids enjoyed watching this beautiful yellow bird that lives in this room.  This is also where we found the family guides.

The courtyard is stunning and feels like a summer day no matter how gloomy it is outside.  It was fun to go through the museum and look out every window to get a different view of it. 


Each room has map that explains which piece of art is hung where and a small little note about the art.  We didn't come close to reading about every piece but it was fun to as least locate them all based on the map.  It was a little scavenger hunt that kept my kids newly engaged in each room.

Before we left, we brought the family guides back to the Living Room and my daughter noticed a large shelf of wonderful children's books. There were also many art books for my husband and I to flip through.  All four of us found this room to be a great place to put our feet up for a few minutes after wandering through the museum.

We hope you decide to go!  And, if you are an MFA member, you get a small discount off of the entrance fee.