Mega MFA

My daughter came home from school the other day begging to go to the MFA.  A friend had been to Mega Cities Asia and told her all about it, highlighting the two mazes in the exhibit.  My kids enjoyed so many of the pieces from the flower on the front lawn that moves to the comic books that allowed to be read.  One maze directs the viewer to be curious by really examining each element and the colors throughout are fantastic.  Mega Cities has so much more to it though.  Reading the descriptions for each piece is thought provoking and brings up some interesting philosophical ideas for all ages.  Is it better to have a plastic flower that lasts forever or a real flower that perishes after a few days?


Different artists as well as cities in Asia were represented throughout the exhibit.  It was interesting to see the wide range of pieces and how each artist represented living conditions in these very populated cities.

We walked back and forth through this maze of bamboo and rope.  The more curious we were, the more we were rewarded for our efforts by sensors placed throughout the structure.  It was a very unique experience!


We had so many interesting conversations surrounding the "green hill of plastic."  So many green spaces in cities are man-made and this piece really brought out a lot of questions and comments from my kids.  It was a real life "Where's Waldo."

My son loved finding the different patterns in the enormous kitchen piece.  He could have observed, counted and reflected all day if we let him.


Our family loves to bike in the city so we all were thrilled to have bikes represented in such a beautiful way.  The shadows, the shapes and the amazing fact that bikes were used to create art has all wanting to go back and look again.


The exhibit is all around the museum and adds a striking opposite to so many of the other pieces in the museum.  These "columns" are pieces of colorful plastic that the artist picked up on walks around his city.  


The courtyard is open for the season and is a gorgeous spot to enjoy a lunch that is bought in the cafeteria or brought with you from home.


Mega Cities Asia ends on July 17th and is absolutely worth checking out with kids.  There are so many hands on exhibits to enjoy while learning about other cultures.  Please tell us if you go, we'd love to know your favorite part!