Gift idea #2-Knitting

Our next idea is to present your child with a knitting class.  I have always wanted to knit. Despite many attempts to learn, I have accepted that it may not be the craft for me. My hope is that by exposing my daughter young, she can get the hang of it and pursue it if she wishes! 

Finger knitting is a wonderful way to start out, and once she mastered that, we took a lesson at Bead and Fiber in the South End. The instructor was warm and patient and the store itself is an inspiration! 

We learned how to knit our own scarves.  It took focus and concentration but was fun and we were easily able to get the hang of it!

My daughter put in a lot of effort and was able to accomplish a good amount in the store.

We bought some of our own knitting needles and some yarn and practice at home every once in awhile when we have some down time.

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