Historic Home Tours: Nichols House Museum

Living in New England, we are so used to history surrounding us during our daily lives.  Our next few posts will be dedicated to a few of the amazing historical homes in the Boston area. There is so much for kids to learn from these homes about the history of our city.   Not only do they get a sense of the daily lives of the people who lived in them but they can also connect these homes to larger historical events.  My kids learn so much from these experiences and it's fun to see their reactions when they are immersed in history.

My daughter and I went to the Nichols House Museum last Spring after school one day.  Rose Nichols is a fantastic role model because she truly created her own path.

Rose Nichols was a master at embroidery.  Since my daughter had shown interest in sewing and weaving (you can check out those earlier posts here: sewing, weaving), we thought it would be interesting to look more into embroidery.  We were planning to just look at the famous bed cover, but the museum had set up a chance for visitors to try their own hand at the art of needlework.


The latest Improper Bostonian has an article about the Nichols House called Working The Room that has pictures of the rooms with small descriptions.  It was fun for my daughter to see after she had been to the house.