Silhouettes by Clay Rice

Silhouettes of children are priceless.  A couple of years ago I had them made of my children and I cherish them.  On April 20th, Clay Rice, author of The Lonely Shadow book featured in our Shadow blog, will be at Tadpole in the South End.  Tadpole is a sweet little children's shop that is stocked with so many amazing items.  They have everything from big and small essentials to gifts for every child, no matter their interest.  The event the host is so cute and you can have your copy (or buy one there) of The Lonely Shadow book autographed.  My advice is to sign up for a time online to make sure that you get an appointment.  These beautiful silhouettes also make great Mother's Day gifts. In such a small amount of time your children get to meet an author and watch an artist at work (and check Mother's Day gifts off of your to do list!).  I say that's time well spent!

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