Family volunteering at Room to Grow

We are always looking for opportunities for our kids to volunteer in our community.  Room to Grow is an organization in Boston where we donate a lot of our outgrown items.  It felt natural to go into the space to see to what else we could do to help.  Every month or so, they hold a family volunteer day where they give a tour of their facility as well as a great explanation of what they do and how they do it.  Afterward, they provide families with a project to complete that benefits their clients.  

One Saturday morning, my daughter and I spent about an hour making play mats.  We cut the mats out from a long sheet of fabric, cut out a soft backing, glued the two together and rolled them up into small tubes. Lastly, we picked out age appropriate cars to include from an earlier donation and placed them on a shelf to be given to a little boy or girl on their next visit.

These volunteer opportunities give kids so much autonomy and confidence.  My daughter was able to do most of the project on her own with very little need for an adult.  She walked away feeling competent in her choices as well as happy with the knowledge that she is able help others. The next volunteer days are April 30th, July 23rd, September 24th and December 3rd.  Contact Patricia Hunter at to sign up.