Animals: Machines in Motion

We are so lucky to live near the Museum of Science.  The newest temporary exhibit, Animals: Machines in Motion, which was developed by The Field Museum in Chicago, is simply fantastic.  There are so many hands-on exhibits that use math and science to show how animal bodies work and move.  My kids loved it and are begging to go back.


We had never thought about the way a cheetah runs before.  It's a pattern called the rotary gallop that other animals like horses also use.  My son was enthralled with this video and played it over and over (as well as backwards!).  The video we took is of him counting the separate steps to get a better idea of the coordination these animals use to run.

My daughter wore herself out pumping this giraffes blood.  We were able to learn to about blood pressure as well as some interesting facts about giraffes.

All of these living things have evolved into a similar dome shape to protect themselves.  We were impressed by the array and now notice this shape all the time in our everyday lives.

We love the Field Museum in Chicago and were so happy to see our favorite dinosaur, Sue, in Boston.

We had fun experimenting with this infrared camera.  My son held up his shirt to see if his stomach was warmer than his shirt.  We held onto one of my daughter's braids to warm it up and by doing so changed it to different color than the rest of her hair.  We also grabbed a piece of paper and blew on it to see it change color as it warmed up.

My kids really enjoyed pretending to be birds.  They had fun trying out the two different wings to get a sense of flying.  Check out the video of my daughter spinning herself around and around with the smaller wing.

This exhibit is only temporary and we highly recommend getting to the Museum of Science at least once to see it!