Ninjas and Samurai

My five year old boy is loving all things Ninja, sword and Samurai these days.  After spending so much time learning about Japan with the Hokusai exhibit at the MFA, as well as looking deeper into Japanese culture around Boston, he has found a new way for us to build on our knowledge of Japan.  


He asked for a "ninja suit" for Christmas and wears it all the time.  With this in mind, I thought he might enjoy some books about Ninjas and Samurai. We were even invited to a Ninja birthday party at Gymja Warrior (it seems a lot of kids are interested in this subject lately!) which afterwards he told us he felt "like a real ninja!"

We found a samurai exhibit at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard.  We were able to see a helmet, body armor and a sword.  Because his interest was already there, he enjoyed having the descriptions read to him.  A lot of times, we speed through museums, taking in the in general idea, so it was fun to stop and really focus on a few items.

After studying the sword in the museum, my son really enjoyed watching this video of how these swords are made:

Are your kids into Ninjas?  We'd love some more ideas to pursue this passion!

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