Stone Soup

Fall is a great time to cook with kids.  We are staying indoors more and need more activities inside our homes.  Soup is especially manageable because it's simple for kids to chop vegetables and toss the pieces into the pot.  An easy, fun activity that my kids love to do is make Stone Soup.  


My son read the ingredients from the book Stone Soup.  The characters didn't use measurements so we didn't either.  It was fun to add in as much or as little as we felt would taste the best.  We always add a stone that we picked up (and washed a million times) a few years ago.  

While our soup cooked, we played the cooperative game Stone Soup.  We first played it with Cady's family and loved the idea of working together as a family to beat the game instead of working against each other to win individually.  

Our soup was delicious and my kids gobbled it up.  If you want more ideas for making soup with your kids, check out our earlier post, Soup's On!

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