A Hike on the Parker River

Last spring we wrote a post about Newburyport, Getaway to Newburyport, and in it we mentioned heading back to that area to try the hike on the Parker River.  


We tried both trails, which are very different, and loved both of them!


The boardwalks were a huge hit with my kids.  They loved following the winding path the planks created and exploring every twist and turn.


The marsh loop had so much vegetation on both sides of the path, some of it way over our heads, including huge cattails.


There were numbered stops along the way on both the marsh and the dune loop.  We didn't stop and read all of them, but it was fun to take a break every once in awhile and learn something about a specific spot.


The views of the ocean from the dune loop are gorgeous.  We couldn't wait to head back down the path to play on the beach.


The beach was our last stop and it was gorgeous.  We brought a few things to do, but it was a lovely place to rest after our hike!

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