A Hike at Blue Hills

My city kids are always asking to go on a hike.  They love following trails and finding their way through the trees.  Blue Hills has a great hike for kids that feels like a scavenger hunt.  Different trees along the path have red dots on them and when you find one, you know you are going the correct way.  There are harder trails marked by different colored dots, but we thought we'd start with the simplest trail and work our way up.


It's possible to spend hours here walking on every board and log then lifting them up to see what is living underneath them.  We found all kinds of bugs and worms!


The rocks are also really fun for the kids to hop around on.  Some are so big that they need to climb up them.  I find the bigger rocks are the perfect place to sit down for a minute while they climb.  If only I had as much energy as they do....

At the top of the climb are picnic tables and a beautiful old building to explore. Make sure you don't miss climbing the stairs inside to check out the view.


The view from the top is spectacular.  My kids were amazed at how small Boston actually is when compared to the land around it.  They both had comments about how it feels so big when you are in the center of it.


And, if you stop by Blue Hills on a whim, like we did, there is a tasty food truck right near the parking lot to grab a bite to eat.


There is also a great little museum, Blue Hills Trailside Museum, with a few natural history exhibits as well as live animals.

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