Historic Home Tours: Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm

Our last historic home is the Spencer-Peirce-Little Farm in Newbury.  The grounds, the farm and the grandeur of the home all make it worth the drive north.  We packed a picnic and spent two hours on the property.  We took a tour of the home, went on a short hike, pet the farm animals, played soccer, jumped rope and played frisbee.  It was the most relaxing day in a beautiful historic setting.


All of the animals on the farm were rescued and now are living out the remainder of their lives on the farm.  The farm works together with a nearby animal rescue facility to care for and provide and a wonderful home for these animals.  There are so many different types of farm animals all living peacefully together.  We couldn't get enough of them all and will definitely go back to visit.

My daughter participated in a horseback riding camp over the summer and so she really got along with the older horse.  My son really took to a little black goat who he named "Batman" while we were there.  We also met a sheep, a donkey and a couple of huge pigs.

The house tour was really low key (we were the only ones there) and so we went at our own pace and got to check out some cool artifacts like an old phone.

The gorgeous tree-lined driveway was the perfect place to jump rope.  And, next to driveway was an enormous field which was perfect for playing frisbee.

Plum Island is minutes from the house and has the most beautiful beaches.  Also, if you have time stop in Newburyport.  We love going because it's such a quaint little town.  Check out our earlier post before you go: Getaway to Newburyport.

We'd love to hear from you if you get there!