Animated Science

The Museum of Science has gone and impressed us yet again!  The temporary exhibit "The Science Behind Pixar" is not to be missed.  We heard so much about it from friends that my kids begged to visit and there is so much to see that we will definitely be going again.


The exhibit covers so much information that it would be great for older kids, but we enjoyed it on a more basic level.  These clay renditions of some of our favorite characters were a hit.


We really focused on the two and three dimensional shape aspect of the exhibit.  My kids enjoyed creating with these shapes on computers and this puzzle where they fit a 2D shape to a 3D object.  

Another element of the exhibit that caught our attention was lighting in animation.  From creating a mood and setting a scene to the way that light bounces off of objects showing us the intended surface (shiny and smooth vs. dull and rusty), we had never thought so much about the way that animators use light in their creations.

After walking out of the exhibit there are hands-on activities for kids to explore.  My kids spent awhile designing their own computer program.  Whether they were really interested in learning about web design or just enjoying the fact that the educators were using legos to teach, I'll never know, but we all learned a lot from this fun activity!