A Summer Afternoon in the City

The area surrounding the Haymarket train station is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.  The Boston Public Market is a fun spot to grab lunch and the Rose Kennedy Greenway is right out the back door.


We wandered around the Boston Public Market before picking up our lunch.  Right when we walked in, there was an amazing apple cider donut shop that had a window into the world of making donuts.  A friend bought a few mini donuts to try and we all agreed that they were amazingly delicious! 

 There are many different types of vendors and we had so much fun exploring the maze of foods and products made right in Massachussetts.


After meandering for awhile and then grabbing take out from Bon Me, we headed outside to the grass and fountains on the Greenway.  The grass is the perfect place to have a picnic and the fountains are fun to play in afterward.  We love the Greenway during the summer months and visit often (check out our post from last summer!).