Spaces for Designing and Engineering

For our next installment on museums to enjoy in January, we are recommending two - The Museum of Science in Boston (particularly the Engineering and Design Workshop), and Einstein's Workshop (actually more of a studio space than a museum) in Burlington, for hands-on tinkering opportunities. 

Our kids have been really interested in engineering. We highly recommend a stop at the Engineering and Design Workshop at the Museum of Science next time you're there. They offer a rotation of hands-on activities that involve creating, testing, and redesigning. We've designed boats, simple machines, windmills, and trampolines. 

Recently we went to Einstein's Workshop in Burlington. They offer drop-in hours, and for a flat fee children can use Legos, Knex, all types of wooden blocks, and puzzles. 

When classes are not in session, families can use the computers and software program connected to the 3D printer. My son could not get enough of watching the printer in action!

Do you know of other spaces in the Boston area to explore engineering? Please share with us!

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