Getaway to Odiorne Point State Park

Our last getaway post stems from when I asked my kids to make a summer list, last year, of things that they'd like to do while on vacation.  One thing they wrote down was "step on stepping stones."  After a little research, I came up with Odiorne Point State Park, which when the tide is low, has many stones/rocks to step on while exploring tide pools.  It's a quick trip, only about an hour north of Boston to Rye, New Hampshire.


They both were able to step on lots of stones at low tide.  We brought buckets and they collected all kinds of sea creatures in between the rocks.  We studied them and then let them go before we left.


While we were there, we also took the time to check out the Seacoast Science Center. There was a small aquarium inside as well as some fun interactive exhibits about the ocean and keeping it clean for future generations.

It was a great little museum with a lot of exhibits as well as a touch tank.  The view of the ocean from most of the windows is beautiful.

Let us know if you happen to go to any of our getaways!  We will keep exploring New England and writing about it, so we'd also love to know if you have an idea for a getaway.  We are always up for a new adventure!

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