Inspired by Japan

If you haven't yet seen the Hokusai exhibit at the MFA, we highly recommend it. Seeing the Great Wave and Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji in person are very much worth the trip, but we also appreciated the "how it's made" element of his iconic works. 

Great Wave How it's Made.jpg

It was so neat to see the step-by-step woodblock printing process. We were inspired to experiment more with printmaking at home.  

Printmaking .jpg

While at the MFA, we stopped in the beautiful and serene Japanese Garden, Tehshin-en. This too inspired questions - How did the they comb the pebbles so perfectly in rows? Why are there so many large rocks stacked up? How is it different from other gardens we've seen recently?

Japanese Garden.jpg

At home, we explored with a very small box of sand and rake. For days my son has revisited his "garden" and changed the design. We can see the meditative purposes of these gardens!


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