This time of year brings with it a lot of darkness.  The sun is gone from the sky so early in day, leaving us with a house full of shadows. We have felt very inspired to make shadow puppets on the wall (or our beds) using a lamp or flashlight.

The Lighthouse exhibit at the Museum of Science has a camera which captures your shadow.  We took a shadow family portrait the last time we visited.  

Shadows can be used to tell stories or create your own story.  

There are so many great books and props to teach you how to create shadows and allow kids to play with shadows.  Also, Clay Rice, an amazing silhouette artist who visits the children's shop Tadpole once a year, has written a couple of books where he uses silhouettes for the illustrations.  We highly recommend visiting Tadpole when Clay is there to have him create a silhouette of your children.

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