Chinese New Year

Boston is a great place to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Our local library had so many beautiful books pulled out about it that we had to take a few home and start learning about this fun holiday.

Red and gold are signature colors of the Chinese New Year.  We used red paper and gold glitter glue to learn and practice Chinese number characters and made red play dough with gold glitter.  My son found a pair of chopsticks and made his own dumplings.

After learning so much about the Chinese New Year, we decided we had to go to the annual parade.  We met dragons and danced to drums.


After the parade, we went to Chau Chow City for Dim Sum.  The servers bring cart after cart of plates for you choose your own lunch.  We tried so many different dishes and liked almost all of them!


At the MFA, after viewing ancient asian objects, we had the opportunity to use Sumi ink and experiment with painting on rice paper. It was such a fun and different art making experience! Sumi ink is available from Blick art supplies



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