Book of the Week: The Ugly Vegetables

This month we are doing another series: books and activities that go with them.  We have four very different books that you may or may not have read already.  We are also giving you ways to bring these books to life that we think are novel and new.  Read on to find out more about our first book...

There are so many community gardens in Boston.  One that we especially love is the Berkeley Community Garden in the South End.  There is a table and chairs set up for a picnic as well as a small green space in the middle and many, many small gardens.  

Since it is so near to China Town, there are a lot of asian vegetables growing in the small gardens, as well as small signs posted to help identify and learn about them.  We had recently read "The Ugly Vegetables" by Grace Lin and my daughter pointed out that the BCG had many "ugly vegetables" growing in it.

We slowed down and began to read about these real life ugly vegetables.  Especially after reading Lin's book, it was really interesting to learn about different types of vegetables that may have been growing in the garden in the book.

A bonus to finding a community garden to wander through is that the online magazine Good posted an article about it's health benefits: Community Gardens Can Improve Your Mental Health.