Harvard Museum of Natural History

Our last museum post for this month is all about the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  Kids love exploring this museum and learn so much by just wandering around and checking out the animal exhibits.  And, it's free for Massachusetts residents if you enter between the hours of 9am and 12 pm on Sundays!

It takes some effort to bundle the kids and get them out of the house, but it's worth it. If your kids are up early like mine, stop in Harvard Square at the Crema Cafe for some breakfast before wandering over to the museum.  Once you're there, you can follow your kids around, winding through the maze of animals.  It's such warm and cozy museum that's it's actually a very relaxing family activity (and how many places can claim that?).

My son is really into tigers these days so he spent quite a while checking these guys out and examining their every detail.  I don't often get to tell my kids to take all the time they need, but I did that morning and it felt great.

There are dinosaurs, bugs, mammals, human skeletons...so many interesting things to look at that guaranteed, something will spark your child's interest.  The museum also has a great little store that stocks really thoughtful items.  The books and toys are fun yet educational and are a wonderful place to grab a gift for an upcoming birthday party or just to remember your (hopefully) peaceful morning.

Also, check out the museum's special program offerings when you visit.  We happened to be there near the Chinese New Year and were able to learn about the different animals represented.  This year, the Chinese New Year is this coming Saturday, January 28th, so they might have a similar program for your kids to enjoy.  If you were able to get to the Greenway this summer to check out the sculptures of the zodiac heads, it would be fun to build on that by celebrating the new year.


Once you having finished exploring the museum, make your way through the Earth Sciences room to the Peabody Museum which is a whole other amazing museum that is part of your admission.  You enter through a really small door with a small sign, but I promise it's allowed!  I think my kids love the adventure of finding our way around more the museum itself, and I love that we are out of the house, spending time together and maybe even doing a little learning on a weekend.

Let us know if you go! And, if you've been, we'd love any recommendations.

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