Embracing the ICE!

Tis the season of cold weather, and we can't get enough playing in snow and ice. It's just about opening day at the Ice Castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire, in the White Mountains. If you find yourself in the area, it's worth exploring this unique experience with your family! 

At home, we've tried a few art projects and science experiments inspired by ice. First, I used an old ice cube try to freeze liquid watercolor. My children loved how it melted as they painted. 


We also tried painting on a block of ice to see how that was different: 

Finally, my daughter was curious why the city used salt on the roads when it was icy. I gave her the salt to let her figure it out...

It was amazing how fast it melted! This is a great short clip on the science behind it. 

Each winter, we get a little more practice on ice skates. Check out the Boston Common Frog Pond and the all of the local rinks that provide open free skate times. 


Now, we are seeing amazing natural ice sculptures all over the city! And, while skiing, we stopped to observe orange icicles. Why were they orange? Perhaps this will lead to a study of soil, rocks, or minerals...

orange ice.jpg

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