B is for Butterfly

Last Spring, I took my children to the Museum of Science on a rainy day.  We had three free passes to a 3-D movie and so decided to watch a documentary on monarch butterflies.  We were so amazed at the journey these little butterflies made throughout the year!  We went straight from the movie to the butterfly garden with a new appreciation for these beautiful bugs.

An outdoor butterfly garden we like to visit is at the Boston Nature Center.  Every April the BNC participates in a statewide volunteer day to spruce up much of their property and the butterfly garden is included.  After getting our hands dirty in their garden, we decided to order some of our own milkweed seeds (a plant that monarch butterflies need to survive) and plant it in our urban garden.

Another butterfly garden we found is along the Southwest Corridor near the Mass Ave T stop.  The corridor is a great place to practice bike riding and spotting lots of city butterflies.

The Butterfly Place in Westford, MA is a quick trip, and it's such fun to be in a large room surrounded by butterflies. Our favorite part was the "butterfly nursery" where you can watch them hatching!  Another day trip I have planned is to Magic Wings in Deerfield, MA.  If you happen to go or know of other places we can study these beautiful creatures, please let us know!

At home, we invested in a butterfly garden and are watching our caterpillars grow so we can experience their magical metamorphosis first-hand. We are excited to (soon) transfer them to the butterfly house, watch them form their chrysalises, and then eventually transfer them to the outdoors!

After growing our own butterflies, we thought it would be important to help them survive.  A wonderful organization we found that supports the life of butterflies is the National Wildlife Federation Butterfly Heroes. Your children can join with other families and become Butterfly Heroes to receive a free Butterfly Garden Starter Packet which includes seeds, an observation notebook as well as a poster and stickers.