"There's mail for you!"

Is there any better news to a young child? My kids are so excited to hear there's a letter addressed to them. They are fascinated by the mail delivery process and they enjoy chatting with our postal carrier. To help inspire my children to write, we set up a small desk complete with a mailbox. 

They love sitting at the desk to write letters and postcards. Writing for a purpose (rather than a worksheet) feels much more authentic and desirable to them. Many are not sent, and some are hand-delivered within our house (I love finding letters on my pillow!). Those that are stamped and mailed often lead to receiving a letter in return -- a wonderful reward!

During summer vacation, we went to a "living history" village and sure enough, there was a replica of an old post office. We had many comparisons to how it is similar and different to modern day. 

post office.jpg

Closer to home, we visited the Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History in Weston. We wrote postcards and mailed them to ourselves, designed our own stamps, went for a scavenger hunt, and created mugs with old stamps. We loved playing with an old canceling machine and finding locations on a map where stamps were from. From here, I can see new opportunities to use stamps for a study of geography!

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