Mucky Kids Art Studio

Every summer my kids like to make a list of some of the things they would like to do during their vacation.  They write everything from "Make and eat popsicles" to "Go camping in an RV" (which we are actually doing later this summer-stay tuned!).  One thing on their list was Mucky Kids Art Studio, so we piled in the car and drove over the river to Cambridge.  We chose a day when the drop-in studio was open and dove right into the many different activities that were set up.  It's $15/hour for each child and you pay when you are ready to leave.  We were feeling very inspired that morning and ended up spending two hours exploring and creating masterpieces.

Mucky Kids is a small space packed with so many great choices for the kids.  Mine choose to work together at one point but then moved onto different activities where they were working independently.  I can keep my eye on both of them and move back and forth with ease.

My daughter enjoyed one project in particular: cornstarch mixed with water.  She loved transferring it from one container to another as well as mixing and adding small toys to her play.  This is a project I used to do with her when she was a toddler and it didn't occur to me that she might still enjoy it.  A few days later I bought a couple of boxes of cornstarch and let her mix in the water to her desired consistency. 


She played with the goop she made for the entire weekend.  Her older cousin came over to try it and was just as engaged.  I even enjoyed playing for awhile with them!

Let us know if you have a chance to visit Mucky Kids!

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