Curious About Cars

We have a lot of matchbox cars in our house.  They started appearing when my son was about two.  He loves lining them up, driving them around the house and creating elaborate magna tile structures to house them.  He even makes the sounds that he thinks would accompany each movement.  I decided to take him to the Larz Anderson Auto Museum so he could check out life size versions of many of the different types of matchbox cars he owns.  We wandered around for an hour learning about each car and how much automobiles have changed over the years. 


When we got home, my son was feeling inspired so he decided he'd like to design and build his own car.

Curious about how an actual car works, we decided to open the hood of our car to find out. Both of our kids were so interested in the parts and mechanics that we spent a half-hour exploring and investigating.

We heard about an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts called Planes, Trains and Automobiles and we knew we had to visit.  My son was entranced by the wall of cars.  After admiring the prints of cars and models, we learned that cars aren't only functional, but also art.

We don't have a driveway or backyard, so we rely on playgrounds around the area for our outdoor play.  Now that the weather is getting warmer we are finally able to get out more!  Remembering that a certain playground usually has a few donated toy cars, we headed over a few days later to play.