What part of the plant do we eat?

Each fall when we harvest our small garden, we have a conversation about what part of the plant we eat. With some plants, we eat the root (carrots), and some, we eat the fruit (tomatoes). Some we eat the seed (peas), or the leaves (lettuce), and others we eat the stem (celery). My daughter couldn't get enough of this concept - each time we had a veggie, she thought about which part it was. So, we expanded this read a great book called "Tops and Bottoms." My daughter decided root vegetables were her favorites. I lead an oil pastel and liquid watercolor art project with my daughter's kindergarden class, exploring root vegetables (above). 

At home, we checked out a bunch of books on vegetables and plants from the library, and then I found some printable puzzles online for her to continue her study. Check out our Instagram account for images of our gardens this fall. Tiny but mighty! 

What are your favorite parts of the plant to eat? 

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