Terrific Turtles

Our family was recently spending time near a lake and my son spotted a tiny painted turtle on the bank.  My kids were so fascinated by this turtle that we hung out with him all day.  We built a nest for the turtle in a shallow dish and included rocks, leaves and water from the lake. At the end of the day we set the turtle free feeling sad but also excited to learn about our new friend.


Turtles were on our mind so we headed to the Harvard Museum of Natural History to see the shell of a gigantic freshwater turtle.  To think that we were holding a turtle in our hand earlier in the week!

Later that week we walked over the Boston Public Library in our neighborhood and checked out a few books on painted turtles.  We also have plans to head to the New England Aquarium to visit Myrtle the Turtle and learn about sea turtles as well.  The staff at the aquarium hosts feeding times to see Myrtle eat and also learn a bit about her.  

 Image Credit: The New England Aquarium

Image Credit: The New England Aquarium

The Aquarium also has a presentation on turtles with hands on experiments for kids.  We were able to learn the length of a few sea turtles and compare ourselves to them.  

We took a trip to the Museum of Science to check out the turtles in the Live Animal exhibit.  The staff is so helpful and willing to answer any questions.

We also had a longer than normal visit to the Tortoise and the Hare statues in Copley Square while we were stocking up at the Farmer's Market.  While climbing all over them, we started discussing some of the new facts that we have learned about turtles.  Do you like to visit any of these spots?  Or, maybe you've found more turtles in Boston?  Please share!


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