After having a son, I quickly realized that transportation would be a large part of our lives.  Our son loves all things related to cars, trucks, planes, boats...the list goes on.  My husband, daughter and I have embraced it.  For my son's second birthday we took him to the Constitution museum in Charlestown and then onto the ship.  We learned about the food sailors used to eat, where they slept and so many more interesting facts about the life of a sailor.   The Constitution will be undergoing a major three year renovation starting this Fall.  Hopefully, you'll get a chance to see it before it closes.  

 Scrubbing the deck with stones - just like the sailors!

Scrubbing the deck with stones - just like the sailors!

We even took the MBTA boat from Longwharf to get from Boston to Charlestown that day.  From the Swan Boats to the Duck Boats, Boston has many opportunities to set sail.  As my kids get older, I look forward to trying out the junior program at the Community Boating center on the Charles River.  If your kids are between the ages of 10-18, sailing lessons start at just $1!


In attempt to continue exploring the world of boats, we took a ferry to get to a family vacation destination.  It's amazing how many questions my kids had while leaving the harbor in the first few minutes of the ride.  We passed many types of boats which prompted a discussion about similarities and differences.


Model ships are also a great way to see many different types of vessels.  The Museum of Fine Arts has a few model ships in lowest level of the American Wing.  The MFA family art cart, which is open each weekend, has a guessing game to identify the ships on display.  The Museum of Science also has model ships including the Mayflower, which peaked their interest to learn more about the Pilgrims and their amazing journey.

There are so many steering wheels on playgrounds in and around Boston that there are plenty of opportunities to play using boating terms.  

Have you and your family seen any of these model ships or do your kids have a favorite playground to play pretend?  Please share!

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