Seeds, Flowers, Spring!

Last Fall my son and I stopped in the Public Garden to watch bulbs being planted.  The gardeners planting them were really kind and explained to my son what they were doing and why.  He was fascinated and ate his entire snack listening and observing.  He was even given a bulb to bring home.

As soon as we got home, my son went out to our small garden and planted the bulb.


It was fun for him and my daughter to see what happens in the Spring where the bulb had been planted.  Now that we've seen a bulb grow my kids are taking more notice of sprouts.  On a walk around the city, there are signs of Spring everywhere!

Just outside of the city, at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, it's a great time to visit the farm. In addition to adorable baby goats, the greenhouse is flourishing with seedlings to soon be planted. It smells fantastic!

Inspired by the garden plans at Drumlin, my daughter created her own plans for our small garden at home. 

Finally, we explored flowers and parts of a flower, after making a collage from a gardening catalog. Playful Learning has lots of great suggestions for extending this inquiry!

The MFA is hosting its annual Art in Bloom April 30th-May 2nd.  There are indoor and outdoor tours as well as a tea that can be fun for kids.

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