Working a at Food Pantry

For our last post this December, we take you to a food pantry in Cambridge.  Through Boston Cares, we found The Harvest Food Pantry.  My daughter was able to spend a morning helping others which resulted in her not only creating good feelings for the patrons of the food pantry, but also feeling really great about herself.

She has been saving plastic grocery bags for a few weeks after learning that the food pantry relies on donated bags.  One of her first tasks was to double bag some of these as part of the preparation before the families arrive.

Another task was to count the bags of fresh vegetables to insure that they could be divided evenly among the 70 families who would be shopping.

Once the families arrived, she had many different responsibilities, including restocking the canned goods when they were low.

When she left the food pantry, she was so proud of herself and so excited to have been able to help.  The other volunteers and the patrons were all so kind to her which added to her wonderful experience.  She decided as she was leaving that she wanted to go back next month and help again.

That ends our month of giving back.  Please email us, post a comment on this website or Facebook if you have any comments, questions or ideas.  We love hearing from you!  

Thanks so much for reading and Happy New Year!