Thankful Tree

Holidays with kids are so much fun.  We love to adorn our home to help us celebrate each one.  Thanksgiving doesn't seem to have many decorations that go with it (at least we haven't found many).  So, along with our gourds and squash, we put up a Thankful Tree every year.

We recycle all of that brown paper that is wrapped around a lot of our online orders.   After measuring our wall, my kids cut a trunk and some branches.  The crazier the cutting, the better because it looks more like a real tree.


Next they cut a bunch of leaves from red, yellow, orange, brown and green construction paper.    

Each day, they think of something they are grateful for and write it on a leaf.  They put some tape on the back and decide where it goes on the tree.  Sometimes the leaves are more serious, but sometimes they make us all laugh.  One year, my son wrote that he was thankful for our bathtub!  When friends or family come over, my kids love to show off our tree. 

By the end of November, the tree is covered in leaves from them, my husband and I, grandparents, cousins and friends.  We love leaving it up for awhile because it truly becomes a work of heart.

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