Fall at a Farmers Market

The Fall harvest in New England is delicious.  There are so many gorgeous vegetables that are ready to eat this time of year and the best place to find them is at a farmers market.  My kids really get into helping and choosing the foods they'd like to eat.  Most farmers markets now have a lot more than produce.  We buy homeade pasta, fresh bread, local meat and even delectable mini pies for dessert.

My children take turns paying for our items.  We talk about how much we owe and how much change we receive.  They love the independence of buying our food on their own. 

After they choose which vegetable we will have for dinner they use teamwork to decide how much we need.

A lot of the little veggies like lunchbox bell peppers, small carrots, radishes and even raw beans make perfect crunchy school snacks.


Sunflowers are their favorite flower and we always purchase a few for our dining room table and possibly a couple for their bedroom. 

Does your family enjoy visiting a farmers market?