Measure, Pour, Stir

My son adores cooking.  He is always willing to help with baking projects or with dinner, he even created a recipe to eat on his birthday in lieu of birthday cake.  A favorite activity of his is to visit a restaurant around the corner from our home and watch the "cookers" in action.  He received many culinary themed birthday presents that included some cooking tools of his own and a game, Cooking Up Sentences.  There are so many great cookbooks for kids and every time he makes something, he's much more willing to eat it!  With his own apron and chef hat, he is confident in the kitchen cracking eggs, measuring ingredients and manipulating our mixer.  He is learning fractions, volume, time and many more skills with each meal he cooks.  He has even inspired his older sister to cook more.


When possible, both kids help me make dinner.  They have their own whisk, knives, spatula and rolling pin that we keep in a lower drawer in the kitchen.  We bought a subscription to Raddish Kids which will deliver a box monthly to our door.  The box includes kid-friendly recipes and activities.  Raddish Kids even sends out an email with a shopping list the week before.

We also use our pretend kitchen at home all the time and even a made a small grocery store with food containers from our recycling bin.  


One of our favorite online cooking resources is Cooking With Kids.  We have found some fantastic recipes, videos and a lot of inspiration to try new types of foods as well as explore recipes from around the world.

Following my son's lead, I am planning to sign us up for a cooking class, Create a Cook, on a day that he doesn't have school.  He and I can take our cooking to another level together by learning proper techniques and skills to bring home to our kitchen.

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