Exploring Math and Science with Leaves

It's easy to create simple math-based explorations out of just about anything. On a beautiful weekend this fall, we went with friends to farm. Like many New England farms in late September, the leaves were amazing. We found many, and compared their similarities and differences. Then, we looked closely at the veins, the shapes of each leaf, and classified into categories. We of course had to do some leaf rubbings (I've found this works particularly well with beeswax crayons). When we got home, we looked again at the leaves we collected and matched them to trees using the website What Tree is It? 

The hunt!

The hunt!



Looking closely at veins and shapes, we compared leaves with images we found online, and learned the words pinnate, palate, and parallel. 



This friend arranged leaves from biggest to smallest. 



And this friend decided to categorize by color. 

We brought home many treasures, inspired by a blog post on The Imagination Tree to start an Autumn nature table! We may also add liquid watercolor over our rubbings for a beautiful finished piece. 

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